Plant of the Year

Banksia marginata Silver Banksia

This small tree is very useful for habitat restoration and providing a food source for native birds, mammals and insects.
Grows in a variety of Adelaide Hills sites ranging from low lying damp areas to dryer locations with light or sandy soils. The large showy flower spikes, which later becomes a woody cones, are made up of hundreds of small flowers that unfurl their reproductive parts when mature. Flowers vary from yellow to green. These flowers produce large quantities of nectar so are a draw card to many birds and insects. Flowering in autumn, when very few local natives are, they are very important for habitat particularly for birds.
Size varies a lot but many banksias in the hills are between 2-4 metres. They may have a single trunk or a more bushy form. Will add texture, colour and birds to every garden.

Last Modified April 15th, 2018