What's on in 2018

Remember every Wednesday is Nursery Day (except Total Fire Ban Days)

Date Event
Sunday December 2nd. 12:30pm KLG End of Year Party - Lunch at Beryl's
Wednesday 6th February. 2:00pm Nursery Committee Meeting
Tuesday 5th February 7:30. One Tree Hill Cricket Club, McGilp Road, One Tree Hill Adelaide Hills and Barossa Hollows Project workshop.
Anyone interested is invited to a hollow information night and initial workshop. The group formed will be project based rather than group based. The idea is to create artificial hollows that are natural looking, well insulated, fairly fire-proof and targeted to birds and mammals’ specific requirements.
There will be a short presentation and then a brainstorming session to see what can be achieved and in which direction the group will go.
Light supper
Saturday 16th March. 9am - 5pm Mt Pleasant Show Catch up with us at the Mt Pleasant show.
Our book Focus on Flora and a limited number of plants will be available for sale
Wednesday 27th March. 7:30pm Beryl's house Committee Meeting
Sunday 19th May 2019 KLG Quiz. Para Wirra
Wednesday 22nd May. 2:00pm Nursery Committee Meeting
Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June, 10am-2pm Plant Sale - Kersbrook Landcare Nursery
Sunday 7th July, 10am-2pm Plant Sale - Kersbrook Landcare Nursery
KLG working trip TBA
Wednesday 24th July. 7:30pm Ruth's house Committee Meeting
Saturday 3rd August, 10am-2pm Plant Sale - Kersbrook Landcare Nursery
August AGM
Sunday 1st July, 10am-2pm Plant Sale - Kersbrook Landcare Nursery

Last Modified March 7th, 2019